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Welcome to Synerva CBD Oil

We believe everyone should be able to buy CBD Oil Online and feel confident they are getting the best. Synerva CBD UK is a business born out of the passion and desire to provide the UK with the Finest CBD Oil products (Also known as Cannabis Oil UK). Ranging from Edible CBD Gummies and Capsules to High Strength Oils. Our aim is to satisfy all requirements and budgets. You can rest assured what you are putting into your body is the best as all our products contain completely natural ingredients. Whether for everyday well being or remedy we are sure we have a product for you.

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Passionate about CBD Oil

Synerva CBD Oils UK is a business born out of the passion and desire to provide the UK with the Finest Organic, Zero THC, CBD Hemp Oil Products. As a result of our extensive research our products are sourced from the largest vertically integrated hemp farm in the USA who control every aspect of their supply chain.  From farming, extraction and purification to product manufacturing and on-site laboratory testing. Due to the complete vertical integration of our supplier we can ensure the highest quality control for all of our Hemp CBD Oil products.

Confidence in our CBD and Cannabis Oil Products

We have worked hard to source and supply you with what we believe to be the very best CBD products available therefore when you buy our CBD products in the UK you can be confident that what you are putting into your body is 100% Natural and packed full of health benefits. Quality is of utmost importance to us in addition to finding you the best value for your money.  If you are looking to buy CBD Oil (Cannabis Oil) online in the UK and are not sure which to buy then get in touch with us – we’re really very friendly! Or come and join our Facebook Page and see our 5 Star Customer Reviews

Quality of Our Pure CBD Oil

All our Pure CBD Oil products are rich in cannabinoids (Which is where the term cannabis oil comes from)and also contain Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), in addition to terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids hence when you incorporate them into your daily routine you can be sure you are getting the very best support for your personal wellbeing.  Our products come from the complete hemp plant using a propriety extraction technique that allows for high levels of Phytocannabinoids while eliminating unwanted amounts of THC and Chlorophyll and consequently preserving the full spectrum profile of the non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids and synergistic compounds.

How CBD Oil Works

The Endocannabinoid System

To understand how cannabidiol (CBD) works you must understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS). We all have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is internal to the body which is why it has the prefix ‘endo’ from the Greek word meaning ‘within’.  It consists of endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors and enzymes.


Endocannabinoids are fatty substances or oils in microscopic quantities which interact or bind with cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are membranes in our body’s cells that enable signals to be passed back and forth.  There are CB1 and CB2 receptors in the central nervous system and CB2 receptors in the immune and gastrointestinal system.

The enzymes are responsible for the manufacture and disposal of endocannabinoids. Our body manufactures endocannabinoids in order to pass messages concerning functions such as pain, inflammation, memory, appetite and mood. The CBD part of “CBD Oil” is a phytocannabinoid, meaning that is it is a substance derived from a plant (phyto) that interacts with the cannabinoid receptors found in the body.  Most phytocannabinoids are from the cannabis plant although some other plants such as echinacea and cocoa also contain cannabinoid-like substances.

CBD and other Phytocannabinoids

So, CBD and other phytocannabinoids can affect our body in the same way as endocannabinoids.  Remember though that when you ingest CBD, even in small doses, these are massively greater than the microscopic quantities of endocannabinoids. In theory then, phytocannabinoids can affect pain, inflammation, memory, appetite and mood.  Remember though that the effect can work either way. For example, scientists are working hard to research how cannabinoids can reduce rather than increase pain and inflammation and have a beneficial effect on our memory and mood.

How CBD Oil Works

One of the most important discoveries in medicine

So, it’s pretty clear that our endocannabinoid system is very important to our health and wellbeing. Just how important the endocannabinoid system is has been well expressed by Dr David Allen, an eminent cardiac surgeon and cardiologist. He describes it as the most important discovery in medicine since the invention of sterile surgery technique. Amongst all its other functions, the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for maintaining ‘homeostasis’ or stability and balance of all our bodily functions.

The discovery of the endocannabinoid system in 1988 is so recent that researchers, scientists and doctors have yet to catch up with all its implications for human health.  Also, given the stigmatisation of cannabis and about a century of scaremongering propaganda about its dangers, even for the most forward-thinking it is difficult to put aside these deeply ingrained beliefs.There is also an enormous raft  of legislation which inhibits research and prevents scientists from being able to study CBD, Cannabis and its components


Buying CBD Oil in the UK can be daunting but we believe anyone should be able to buy CBD Oil Online with confidence in what they are buying. If you have any questions that are not answer below please get in touch.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant. Cannabinoids are compounds that can influence functioning of the human nervous system. CBD Hemp Oil is made from high-CBD, low – THC industrial hemp plants.

This is a VERY simplified explanation! The human nervous system contains a large number of receptors. One of the human receptor systems is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These receptors are located in the brain and the peripheral nervous system (Spinal cord and nerves). The ECS systems regulates the body’s homeostasis or general state of balance. CBD works by interacting with the ECS system. The ECS receptors are CB1 and CB2. The receptors bind cannabinoid like molecules produced by the nervous system. CBD binds to the same receptors and psychoactive THC but has an opposite effect. If THC gets your nervous system into overdrive CBD makes it slow down.

This has to be our most asked question! In short – Yes it is! It is legal in the EU and US providing it contains Zero or Trace amounts of THC (The Psychoactive cannabinoid compound also found in the Hemp plant) – Our CBD oil has no detectable levels of THC!

Our second most asked question! In Short – No you won’t! THC is the compound in Hemp / Cannabis that is Physcoactive (Makes you ‘high’). Our CBD has no detectable levels of THC.

Our CBD products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. They are sold as a food supplement only and are intended to promote everyday wellbeing.

You can take our Oil, Gel Caps or Gummies – It is your choice. All products come with suggested dosage and instructions for use.

All our products have been tested by our manufacturer and are safe for human consumption. There are no known negative side effects but if you are on any other medication we suggest you consult with your doctor before taking.

Our suppliers work with independent Labs across the USA to test our CBD Hemp Oil. Accurately testing the product is of utmost importance to ensure our customers get the highest quality of product. No harmful solvents are used in the processing of our CBD oil and all our products are completely Solvent, Pesticide and GMO Free.

Call us on 0161 706 0440 or contact us through our enquiry form.

Synerva CBD oils is a UK company who strive to provide the highest quality of CBD oil within the UK market. We pride our selves on the extraction, purification, testing and manufacture of our Cannabidiol products and our CBD oil users have nothing but good things to say.

What Does the Science Say about CBD Oil?

Commonly thought of as a miracle of nature by CBD users worldwide, CBD oil coverage in the news has grown massively because of the potential health benefits of active cannabinoids. Active cannabinoids are what are found in CBD hemp oil.

Can you buy CBD oil Online?

The NHS quote “”Medical cannabis” is a broad term for any sort of cannabis-based medicine used to relieve symptoms. Many cannabis-based products are available to buy online, but their quality and content is not known. “  The CBD oil available to buy online from Synerva has full laboratory analysis with reports available, Zero THC and a guaranteed CBD concentration. We know that buying CBD online can be daunting which is why we are so passionate about the quality of our products.

CBD is available in various forms from Oils to capsules, gummies, e-liquids and massage balms.  CBD Oil is the most popular on the market because its easily taken by adding a few drops under the tongue. Many users are more creative adding CBD oil to water, drinks and other food.

There are two main types of CBD oil known as Full-spectrum and isolate. Isolate CBD oil only contains one cannabinoid CBD, which limits the potential health benefits, whereas Full Spectrum CBD oils contain other cannabinoids such as Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), in addition to terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids. This Full spectrum or combination of cannabinoids produce further health benefits.

Can you buy CBD oil in the UK?

Cannabis-based products are available to buy online, providing the CBD oil contains Zero or Trace amounts of THC, then it is legal in the EU and US . Synerva’s CBD product has no detectable levels of THC and so your can be confident to buy CBD oil online through ourselves.

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