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What do the % Strengths of CBD Oil actually mean and are they relevant?

Our most asked question… and a very valid one. The industry standard seems to be to label CBD Oils with % Strengths which can very confusing for the novice CBD shopper.

Essentially the % strengths refer to the concentration of CBD in a bottle. It means the % of active CBD in a bottle regardless of size of bottle. So, for example a 10ml Bottle of 10% CBD oil contains 1000mg CBD in the bottle. A 10ml Bottle of 15% CBD Oil contains 1500mg CBD in the bottle… get the gist?

It doesn’t really matter which strength you take; all the CBD in our various strengths is the exactly same high quality CBD, its just the concentration that varies. What you really should be considering is the amount of mg of CBD per day you want to take.

The following table is very useful when deciding which CBD Strength to choose:

CBD Strength Mg CBD Per 10ml Drops Per 10ml Mg CBD Per Drop
3% CBD Oil 300mg 200 1.5mg
8% CBD Oil 800mg 200 4mg
10% CBD Oil 1000mg 200 5mg
15% CBD Oil 1500mg 200 7.5mg
25% CBD Oil 2500mg 200 12.5mg
40% CBD Oil 4000mg 200 20mg


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My CBD Journey…. At last a victory over my hormones!!

So for the past 18 Months I have been talking all things CBD for wellness to all walks of life with a huge spectrum of ailments. Everyday I am amazed at the power of what it can do and there is no better feeling when I call/text/email from a customer telling me it has changed their life but ill be honest I was sceptical when I was first introduced to it. I had the same questions as everyone else… Will it get me high? Is it addictive? Is it legal? What will I feel like? Are there any side effects?  but I took the plunge and started my CBD journey and havent looked back.

At Last a Good Nights Sleep

I initially started taking it to help me sleep, for slight anxiety and a general feeling of being stressed all the time. At first I really didn’t feel any different and was still sceptical about whether it did anything or did in fact just have a placebo effect on some people. The first difference I noticed after a week or so was that the quality of my sleep improved. For years I had no problem falling asleep but found my self waking numerous times during the night and never really felt like I got into a deep sleep and had a really good night sleep. I would wake exhausted and felt constantly tired throughout the day. In its self, a good nights sleep can solve so many other problems and I really could start to feel the benefits.

Gradual Changes

I stayed mindful of how I was feeling when I first started to take CBD Oil, the effects are so gradual that its difficult to put your finger on exactly how you feel but I slowly noticed I started to feel less anxious, less stressed, more focused, more energised and in general had a feeling of calm, balance and being ‘more grounded.’ Stressful situations started to ‘wash over me’ and I wasn’t shouting at my kids as much! So it was working… and it was doing exactly what I wanted it to do, but then after about 6 months I noticed I was getting more for my money… it was giving me benefits that I hadn’t asked for!

Goodbye PMT

Since being very young I have suffered with horrendous PMT, for about 3 days every month I morphed into a completely different tense, angry, intolerant hormonal monster… I always knew the ‘time of the month’ was on its way. Over the years I have tried everything Starflower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin B etc etc then…. About 6 months into my CBD Journey I suddenly realised that I was getting my period without warning…… no moodiness… nothing. At last I have won the battle over my hormones!… but it didn’t stop there.

Luscious Locks at Last!

After I had both my children (My youingest is now 9!) I lost a lot of hair. It would literally come out in handfuls. Some grew back but it never really got back to where it was and I have been left with very thin quite lifeless hair. I took this on the chin and saw it as just one of those things you have to deal with as a result of my two beautiful children which I wouldn’t change for the world. So when my hairdresser told me she could see loads of regrowth coming through at the roots I was shocked, it has continued and my hair feels and looks so much healthier. I can only put this down to the fact that my hormones are finally back in balance. Nothing else has changed other than the fact I now take CBD Oil.

Take the plunge … you won’t regret it.

So for all you ladies out there, whatever age you are, if you feel your hormones need kicking into touch then give it a try, it might just be the answer to your prayers.. it was mine!

For your information I take our 10% CBD Oil. I started taking 1 drop monring and evening and now take 2 drops morning and evening.  A 10ml bottle contains 200 drops so lasts me a couple of months and costs £49.95…. well worth it for all the amazing benefits! Check it out here: 10% CBD Oil


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How We Came Into The Crazy World Of Legal Cannabis……

Welcome to Synerva CBD Oils UK








We are Neil and Clare …. Founders of Synergy CBD UK

The ‘Idea’s Man

You could say Neil is the actual founder as it was his idea, he is the ‘idea’s’ man. On this occasion it grew….and grew from an idea, into extensive research, into finding a supplier and that’s where it nearly ended. But it didn’t as Neil knew he had stumbled on something… something he believed in, something he knew worked as it had worked for him and something he knew was worth more of his time. Being the ‘idea’s’ man he didn’t really know how to take his idea and turn it into something more…. Neil doesn’t do the ‘fluffy corporate stuff’!

Enter Clare (Me – Neil’s Sister) 

I had half heatedly listened to Neil talk about ‘this CBD Oil’ for a few months, not really paying a lot of attention as Neil often has a ‘new focus’ (We’re onto the next one already but that’s for another Blog!) One day we were walking the dogs and I was talking about my desire to get back on the career ladder after having children but not wanting to get back into the corporate world of Sales & Marketing and actually wanting to do something worthwhile and something I felt passionate about. Neil started to talk about CBD Oil again… and this time I listened… and I went away and did my own extensive research, and I realised that he was actually on to something!

And we’re off!

After spending a lot of time researching the market, talking to suppliers, reading the endless stories on the internet about how CBD had changed peoples lives we knew it wasn’t an opportunity we could let pass us by and so Synergy CBD was born. A business born out of the passion and desire to provide the UK with the Finest CBD Hemp products.

The Crazy bit….

The UK is just waking up to the long list of health benefits of CBD products. There are SO many and more being discovered every day! And this is where the ‘crazy’ comes in. CBD IS LEGAL IN THE UK. It is legal because it contains no THC (The part of the cannabis plant that makes you high). However it is only legal as a food supplement and we can make no claims about what it can or can’t do….there is no ‘official’ proof only peoples word …. seek and you will find… do your own research.. it is all out there on the world wide web and when you are satisfied that YOU NEED CBD IN YOUR LIFE come to us to get the best you can buy!

Follow us on our Journey

We are committed to sourcing you the best products available, educating you on their uses and benefits and  keeping you informed of developments within the industry. We do not profess to be experts, we are still learning and if you want to come on that learning journey with us then hop on board – EMAIL JOIN UP

However, we are 100% confident we have found the Highest Grade, Organic, THC Free, Pesticide free, Non – GMO CBD in the world! All our products are rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDA & Terpenes and all our phytocannabanoid rich hemp is grown In full compliance under section 7606 of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill.

‘So What Exactly is CBD Oil?’ You ask….  – Click Here to Find Out More

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