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Can CBD Help Me Through Cold and Flu Season?

Cold and flu season is long October to May. The dreaded tell-tale signs are sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, body aches, fatigue, and in the worst cases, fever and nausea. Yes, you probably should be washing your hands more often as a pre-emptive measure but if you’re reading this and not feeling well, how can […]

How To Buy Genuine CBD Oil Online

Hint: Amazon ISN’T on the list of legitimate retailers! Picking up a specialist product such as CBD Oil at a petrol station, in the middle aisle of a budget supermarket, in a generic health food shop, or even on Amazon chances are it isn’t the CBD product it claims to be. A quick search for […]

Things To Do To Help You Feel Great

January, a new year and a new decade is here. If you’re suffering from a case of post-Christmas blues here are our favourite uplifting things to do when you’re not feeling great and help turn that frown upside down! Maybe you’re feeling guilt following a fortnight of over-indulgence, or the pressure to have or already […]

Hangover Anxiety: How to Deal with “Hangxiety”

It’s the morning after the night before, you’re worried about what you might have done. Say “hello” to the dreaded post booze blues, hangover anxiety or “Hangxiety”. We’ve all been there – it’s the morning after a night out and you’ve woken up with “the fear”, an inner dread as to what you might have […]

Delighted To Be Featured In HELLO

We are delighted to see Synerva featured in HELLO Magazine in issue 1611, 25th November 2019 issue. We are proud to have many regular clients and amongst these there are many well known faces too. For everyone we are there to help, advise and support with the utmost discretion. Absolutely thrilled that Clare Nasir, meteorologist, […]

How CBD Oil Can Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Are you a summer or winter person? For some people, winters bring the promise of warm, snug blankets, steaming coffee pots and hours of laziness. Yet others become anxious by the very thought of sad winter aura, dark skies and staying indoors as the winter approaches. Seasonal mood changes are fairly common, known medically as […]

CBD Oil And Hormones – The Effects On The Endocrine System And Women’s Health

Menopause is one of the top three reasons women use CBD Oil – anxiety and sleep challenges are the other two. CBD oil has a good reputation that is gaining momentum for treating peri- and post-menopausal symptoms which isn’t based solely on testimonials — scientific research also indicates how cannabidiol (CBD) helps support a wide […]

Back To School 2019 – A Wellness Guide for Parents

All good things must come to an end… including the summer holidays. Kids and parents alike everywhere are waking up to the end of freedom and the beginning of the new school year, which of course includes football practices, swimming lessons, parents’ evenings, homework, packed lunches, and many hours in the car. Kids think it […]

A Lovely Article About Our Director Clare Hales

A great read about our Director Clare Hales….