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What Do The % Strengths of CBD Oil Actually Mean And Are They Relevant?

Our most asked question… and a very valid one. The industry standard seems to be to label CBD Oils with % Strengths which can very confusing for the novice CBD shopper.

Essentially the % strengths refer to the concentration of CBD in a bottle. It means the % of active CBD in a bottle regardless of size of bottle. So, for example a 10ml Bottle of 10% CBD oil contains 1000mg CBD in the bottle. A 10ml Bottle of 15% CBD Oil contains 1500mg CBD in the bottle… get the gist?

It doesn’t really matter which strength you take; all the CBD in our various strengths is the exactly same high quality CBD, its just the concentration that varies. What you really should be considering is the amount of mg of CBD per day you want to take.

The following table is very useful when deciding which CBD Strength to choose:

CBD StrengthMg CBD Per 10mlDrops Per 10mlMg CBD Per Drop
3% CBD Oil300mg2001.5mg
8% CBD Oil800mg2004mg
10% CBD Oil1000mg2005mg
15% CBD Oil1500mg2007.5mg
25% CBD Oil2500mg20012.5mg
40% CBD Oil4000mg20020mg


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