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Can CBD Oil Cure Cancer?

Our Most Asked Question – Can CBD Oil Cure Cancer?

This is a question we are asked constantly by our customers – Can CBD Oil Cure Cancer? We would love to be able to say ‘Yes Cannabis Oil will cure your cancer’ to each and every one of the customers that ask us this but sadly we can’t. Firstly, CBD Oil is only legal in the UK to be sold as a food supplement and it is not licensed as a medicine as such so as a CBD Oil seller we are not allowed to make any medicinal claims as this is against the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). Secondly there have been no official studies completed in the UK on using Cannabis Oil for Cancer so there is simply no proof. However, to land on this page I’m assuming you have heard on the grapevine that CBD Oil can help with Cancer? Maybe done some of your own research about the benefits of Hemp Oil for Cancer? And are probably looking for more information?

How To Use Cannabis Oil For Cancer?

You have probably seen already that there is mountain of information on the world wide web about the use of CBD Oil for Cancer? There are literally thousands of testimonials of people’s stories using Cannabis Oil in the UK for Cancer and the recent media has been full of success stories. If you have got to the point where you think you should try CBD Oil for your Cancer then your next questions are likely to be ‘How do I use Cannabis Oil for Cancer?’ and ‘Where do I find CBD Oil for Cancer for Sale?’ If you have decided to try CBD Oil please do speak to you health professional first. There is no specific type of CBD or Cannabis Oil intended for Cancer Treatment but you should look for a good quality, organic product from a reputable company registered with the Cannabis Trades Association.

How to take Cannabis Oil?

The best method is to drop the required amount of oils drops under your tongue and hold it there as long as possible (approx. 1 minute). The CBD Oil is absorbed sublingually through your mucus membranes.

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