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Can you travel with CBD on a plane?

As the use of CBD Oil Supplements has grown massively over the past few years, it is natural that users want to continue to take advantage of their benefits while they are away on holiday or travelling for business but there is occasionally some concern over whether it is ok to carry CBD onboard a plane when travelling. The simple answer is that it is absolutely fine to travel to the majority of destinations with CBD products from the UK providing that hemp-based products are legal at your destination.

Some countries have their own legislation surrounding hemp-based cannabinoid (CBD) products and it is always important to check with the country or destination you are travelling to for up-to-date information.

CBD is a very popular wellness supplement so you can rest assured they have been seen before at UK airport security and you won’t be the first or only person to be travelling with them. You should carry your CBD away with you as you would any other food supplement being mindful of the local rules at your final destination.

Where should I Carry My CBD Oil?

It is fine to take your CBD oil product onboard in your hand luggage providing it is not larger than 100ml in size to adhere to airline security rules. Most of Synerva CBD products are less than 30ml so can be carried without problem onboard. To avoid spillage, you may prefer to take our pre-dosed 10mg capsules on holiday for convenience and ease while you are away or for easy administration while you are mid-flight. It is also perfectly safe and legal to pack you CBD in your hold luggage if you don’t require it until you reach your final destination.

Can you travel to Europe with CBD products?

You should always check that Cannabinoid based products are legal in any destinations you are passing through or at your final destination before you pack it to take away with you. The majority of Europe is very welcoming of CBD and there are many CBD companies based around Europe however the law is slightly confusing in some countries such as Austria, Belgium, Finland, Malta and Portugal where it is only legal with a doctor’s prescription.  Before you visit any of these countries, please check the most up to date information.

Where is CBD Prohibited?

There are some countries where CBD Oil products are strictly forbidden, and you may face criminal charges should you be found with them in your possession. It is not advised to travel with CBD to the following countries: Iceland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Africa, South Africa and any Middle Eastern Countries. In the USA CBD is classified differently per state, some allow it under prescription for medicinal purposes, some allow it to be used freely however in some states it is federally illegal and is not advisable to travel with your CBD. Please check the up-to-date information on CBD legality in the USA before you travel and remember to check any states you are also passing through. Australia, New Zeland and Canada allow CBD under prescription only for medicinal purpose, so it is not advised to travel to these countries with your hemp-based cannabinoid supplements.

Hopefully your questions have been answered and it is clearer where you can and can’t take your favourite CBD supplements to. It is understandable you will want to take the amazing benefits with you wherever in the world you are traveling but please do check any up to date guidance before you travel to be on the safe side.

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