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Carly & Lenni Newton: ADHD

The System Failed My ADHD Son: Now He’s Back in School and Happier Than Ever Until a few weeks ago, Carly Newton’s son Lenni had been out of the education system for nearly a year, due to an incident that meant he was permanently excluded from his mainstream school. Now, with the help of a […]

Kayleigh Spiteri: Insomnia

“I woke up feeling happy for the first time in a long while – it gave me a whole new lease of life and I was so pleased to feel normal again.” It is thought that one in three people have at least a mild case of insomnia, a sleep condition that means you regularly […]

Debbie Hughes: Rapadilino Syndrome

“When Becca stopped taking CBD, the pain in her wrists became much worse due to her Rapadilino, that’s when we realised how much it relieved the pain she was in.” Debbie Hughes has watched her daughter Becca and son Adam, struggle with pain caused by a rare syndrome, rapadilino for most of their lives. Becca […]