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How Does CBD Help Anxiety?

Flying, teleportation, invisibility – all superpowers. Sensitivity, hyper-alertness, anxiety – also superpowers. They are instincts, creating resilience! But perhaps you want to allow these ‘meh’ and unnerving feelings to settle down a bit. Living among our current global worries, the toll can sometimes be too much to carry. Over a third (37.4%) of adults ( […]

Lockdown Anxiety 10 Ideas To Help Manage Anxiety During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown Anxiety: 10 Ideas To Help Manage Anxiety During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Table of Contents Have a routine Tidy Home, Tidy Mind Change Your mind Set Don’t Obsess of Media Coverage Start Something New CBD to the Rescue Maintain Social Connections Help Others from a distance Be Proactive Be kind to yourself What if I get the virus? What if a loved one falls ill? Will I […]

Hangover Anxiety How to Deal with Hangxiety

Hangover Anxiety: How to Deal with “Hangxiety”

It’s the morning after the night before, you’re worried about what you might have done. Say “hello” to the dreaded post booze blues, hangover anxiety or “Hangxiety”. We’ve all been there – it’s the morning after a night out and you’ve woken up with “the fear”, an inner dread as to what you might have […]

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