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CBD Laboratory
Reports UK

Synerva CBD Oil – Lab Report

Your Safety is important to us

When you are thinking of adding CBD oil supplements into your daily routine it is essential to know exactly what you are consuming. It is very important to research CBD companies and their products thoroughly before your purchase to ensure the products are safe and contain what they say they do, nothing less and nothing more. We make are lab results available for you to access so you can rest assured are products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents and the % CBD content stated on the bottle is accurate.

Industry Standard

Third party laboratory analysis testing has become the standard benchmark in the industry to ensure quality and safety of CBD products to be consumed. We want our customers to feel confidence in the products they purchase from us, so we test all our products to ensure consistency and quality of their contents.

Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis (COA) includes valuable information about what the CBD products contain. They confirm the correct % CBD amount at stated on the bottle and list other terpenes and cannabinoids also present. If you are purchasing a zero THC product, they should also confirm there is none present.

CBD Laboratory Reports UK

Tried and Tested

All Synerva CBD products are tried and tested to ensure their taste, colour, purity, and potency meet our high-quality standards and you can be confident of a reliable, consistent, and high-quality CBD oil every time you purchase from us.

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