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How Does CBD Help Anxiety?

Flying, teleportation, invisibility – all superpowers.

Sensitivity, hyper-alertness, anxiety – also superpowers. They are instincts, creating resilience! But perhaps you want to allow these ‘meh’ and unnerving feelings to settle down a bit. Living among our current global worries, the toll can sometimes be too much to carry. Over a third (37.4%) of adults ( in Great Britain said that the coronavirus pandemic has affected their well-being – With rates of those of us suffering from mental health concerns rising, ways to deal with anxiety issues are more varied than we used to think.

Taking a proactive approach and incorporating a daily routine is a win-win approach to feeling in control. Incorporating CBD oil into a consistent routine allows you to fight quarantine fatigue, boosting the immune system and support serotonin levels through working with the receptors in your brain. These receptors in our brain are in control of the body’s sense of safety and sending signals for when to slow down.

Anxiety can manifest itself in varied ways for example,

  • Chest pain and heart palpitations
  • Limb and muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Stomach issues
  • Spots and acne.

Presenting itself in the body in these ways may not always be obvious as to what the cause of is. Look at patterns of behaviour – at what stages and triggers are there?

With elements of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial (which is good for the immune system), CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, playing a part in the bodies regulation of relaxation and mood. Allowing you to be more present without the constant anticipation of all the what ifs, the oil has the power to calm the nervous system.

Our two most popular oils for first time customers are the 5% or 10% CBD Oil and 8% Peppermint CBD Oil. You can look at our dosage calculator to work out which products are best for you here.

All our CBD oil comes from a unique strain of hemp, bred for the specific medicinal high cannabidiol strains of medicinal cannabis, with no detectable traces of THC.  Organic, naturally derived products are slowly becoming more understood in their long-term advantages, the rise of green consumerism can also relieve us from our concerns of implementing eco-friendly products.

Stress levels are at an all time-high. The foundation of supporting ourselves come from within, by removing unnecessary stress through calming techniques to not overload your nervous system. Concentrate on getting enough sleep and allowing yourself to breathe.

Although anxiety is not something we can just snap out of, allow CBD to wear the superhero cape every now and then.

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