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Why you should love Hemp CBD oil

Why you should love Hemp CBD oil

Wouldn’t it be amazing if nature provided us with a substance that has the potential to improve and balance out our health and recovery, in several significant ways?

For the growing number of people who are learning to love Hemp, that lofty aim is an everyday reality!

It is being used to alleviate inflammation, seizures and sciatic nerve pain, and to lessen the symptoms of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and MS to name but a few. Other people who love hemp CBD Oil testify to its ability to moderate and control mood, assist with healthy sleep, and generally boost wellbeing.

However, CBD is still a supplement that is widely misunderstood, and cannabis oil is sometimes wrongly connected to the cannabis plant bi-products used as recreational drugs.

So how is CBD oil different, and why do people who love hemp feel it represents such an exciting prospect for improving many different health issues?

CBD oil’s growing status

For centuries herbalists have been using the many species of cannabis and hemp plants to formulate natural remedies.

This is now echoed by medical scientists the world over. There are many research projects underway to explore how Cannabidiol (CBD for short) works, and the ways in which it can create positive effects within the human body – and forms of CBD to treat pets!

For example, one study into its use for surgical pain management concluded that: “sensorial and affective dimensions of pain may be differentially modulated by CBD.”

(source: Cannabidiol Is a Potential Therapeutic for the Affective-Motivational Dimension of Incision Pain in Rats

There are already variations passing into mainstream medical use, including CBD-based treatments that are prescribed by the NHS to combat severe and complex medical conditions.

While the world waits for more unequivocal data on the many other benefits of CBD oil, there is an increasing amount of personal reporting on its power to achieve physical and mental improvements.

What exactly is this widely respected product?

As already referenced, cannabis oil is not the same substance as the one used to get “high”. CBD for medical and general wellbeing purposes is cultivated and refined to miss out THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the psychoactive element that is not required in widely available and legal CBD products.

Instead, legally available cannabis oil is produced to be pure and non-intoxicating, with carefully measured levels of strength. The active ingredients within CBD are placed in a non-toxic carrier oil, for ease of digestion and absorption.

How does CBD work?

The many people who have grown to love hemp oil, and who rely on it for widely differing reasons, could all provide a different view on this question!

Medical scientists are busy unravelling this mystery too!

What is largely understood, is that CBD works with neurotransmitters in the central nervous system – the message receptors that carry out many vital functions. Digesting cannabis oil boosts and supports them, enabling our body to produce more naturally occurring forms of a similar chemical compound.

The result is that our central nervous system appears to achieve improved regulation and balance, offering opportunities for CBD to be an anti-inflammatory and general “moderator” of extreme physical and mental reactions. It appears to have no discernible, significant side effects either!

It’s an exciting time for people passionate about CBD, and who use cannabis oil for their own personal reasons. Medical science is fast catching up with their strongly held belief that where this supplement is concerned, what’s not to love?

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