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Showing all 3 results

How Can CBD Help With Sports Recovery?

Whether you are working out every day or once a month, whenever you do, your body always needs time to rest and recover. Recovery periods are so important and are designed to give your body and your muscles time to heal, rest and adapt to future sports activities and workouts. With this in mind, CBD is well known to be an effective supplement to aid recuperation. When you exercise, you put extra stress on your muscles and most people will experience inflammation from time to time. CBD helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, which is ideal for people who exercise regularly and athletes participating in intense exercise. CBD is ideal for most active lifestyles as it is beneficial for recovery, pain management, better sleep and overall wellbeing.

Can CBD Help With Muscle Recovery?

CBD has many healing and medicinal properties including muscle recovery. As part of its pain-relieving benefits, CBD can help to reduce inflammation, making it an essential component to post work out recovery. Athletes who partake in hardcore exercise often need more than a hot bath to take the edge off post-workout pain. By taking CBD, you can reduce inflammation that has already occurred, giving you a quicker recovery time. Scientists say that CBD suppresses inflammatory molecules, in turn, shortening recovery time and relieving strain and inflammation in the tissue. CBD can also help in decreasing muscle tension. With tissue injury, many athletes turn to muscle relaxers which often contain drugs that cause unpleasant side effects including dizziness, anxiety and depression. CBD is all-natural and well known for its calming properties, making it a popular and beneficial option in aiding muscle recovery.

Benefits Of CBD For Athletes?

As an athlete, you’re constantly pushing your body its limits to achieve the best results, however, this does come with its drawbacks. Intense training can lead to fatigue, soreness, pain and even injuries. CBD possesses many benefits which lends itself well to an athlete’s lifestyle. First of all, the properties of CBD help strengthen your immune system, enabling the body to become resistant to stress and infections. Prior to competitions our bodies frequently experience stress and anxiety which can hinder our performance. CBD helps to suppress stress and anxiety, allowing you to continue training without your body reacting in a negative way and also helping us to sleep better. CBD also helps to relieve pain and inflammation from post-workout pain. The use of CBD in the form of massage balms and oils are effective in alleviating pain in particular areas and speeding up muscle recovery, which is hugely advantageous to athletes.