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CBD Oil Edibles

Like CBD oil and other forms of CBD, our edibles work by entering the nervous system and reduce the pain at the peripheral receptors, allowing the user to feel more calm and relaxed, as well as feeling more focused. All of our products, including our CBD edibles, are THC free, meaning consumption will not lead to intoxication. At Synerva, we are committed to delivering the highest grade of CBD in forms that suit all sorts of preferences. All of our CBD edibles are rich in natural cannabinoids and nutrients and are a great way to take CBD oil if you would rather not take the CBD oil drops.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD Edibles are a form of CBD that can be eaten, it’s that simple. CBD Edibles can come in many different forms such as chewables, gummies, teas, hard vitamins and capsules and simply refers to CBD that has been mixed with different ingredients that can be processed by the digestive system. CBD edibles are a popular choice for many who take CBD as they are quick and easy to consume.

They come in tasty flavours and can be included in a variety of digestible food forms, meaning there’s something for everyone. CBD edibles are particularly favoured by children, elderly people and people who don’t enjoy taking other forms available of CBD as they’re not difficult to consume, easier to dose and are generally more convenient.

What Do CBD Edibles Do?

Our bodies are naturally primed for CBD. We have peripheral receptors in our nervous systems which influence pain and inflammation. Although the human body produces its own endocannabinoids to support this system, we often can do with extra support. CBD edibles, like any other forms of CBD, enters the nervous system and works along with the body to reduce the pain entering its receptors, in turn, reducing any pain you may be experiencing.

CBD is also renowned for easing anxiety, stress and worry, relaxing yet focusing you. Although easier to consume, the primary difference between edibles and other forms of CBD is the length of time it takes for the CBD to kick in. With oils and lotions, it takes around 15 minutes to start working, whereas, with edibles, you’re looking towards 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Why Synerva For Your CBD Edibles?

At Synerva, we are proud to say that we are confident to have found the highest grade of CBD, all of our products are tested by independent laboratories in the UK before they are passed by our strict quality control checks. Accurate testing is of paramount importance to us to ensure all of our customers receive the highest quality of product possible.

Our CBD Edibles are THC free, vegan and created from whole-plant extracts, as well as coming in a variety of delicious forms and flavours with something to suit all preferences. They are 100% effective in treating a wide scope of ailments including aches, pains, inflammation and anxiety and are a general good accompaniment to a well- balanced diet for general health and wellbeing.