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CBD For Joint Pain

CBD Oil can work equally well for muscle and joint pain used topically (in a cream or massage oil) or digested in an oral oil.  The cannabinoid receptors found with our Endo – Cannabinoid system are found in our brain, central nervous system and our skin so using CBD topically can be a very effective way of activating the cannabinoid receptors found in the dermal and epidermal layers of our skin resulting in the relief of pain and inflammation.  Topical products work only on the areas you apply them so if your pain or inflammation is widespread taking an oral CBD Oil can be a better solution.

Oral CBD oil drops will have a more systemic effect and will work on a larger scale around your body as it will enter the bloodstream and reach cannabinoid receptors throughout your entire body.  CBD Oil ingested orally helps to slow down the metabolization of our bodies own natural pain reliver Anandamide making its pai reliving effects last longer. It also helps to fight inflammation which is wone of the greatest causes of muscle and joint pain.

For localised pain relief we recommend using a CBD cream or balm twice a day on the affected area.

To use CBD Oil Drops orally for pain relief we recommend taking 15mg CBD twice per day morning and evening.

How long does it take for CBD Oil to work for joint pain?

Start taking your recommended dose of CBD oil drops morning and evening every day. It can vary from person to person how quickly you feel the benefits of CBD Oil  but you should hopefully start to see improvements with 2 weeks.

Is CBD good for joint pain?

Research suggest that taking CBD oil can be very effective for joint pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be very helpful with the symptoms of arthritis and other joint related pain.