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There is currently no cure for psoriasis, and it can come and go depending on several factors such as stress levels and diet. However, it can be managed effectively, and certain treatments can slow down the reproduction of skin cells and offer relief from the dryness and itchiness associated.

CBD has recently gained in popularity as an alternative and effective treatment instead of using more harsh treatments such as topical corticosteroids. CBD Oil is thought to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and so can have the potential to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne by reducing the inflammation associated.

Some studies have also shown that applying CBD Oil topically to psoriasis or taking it orally can help by the interaction with the endo-cannabinoid system which is thought to help regulate the immune response to such diseases. It is thought that CBD oil can help treat psoriasis by interacting with cannabinoid receptors found in the skin and regulating the overactivity of T Cells which can cause psoriasis.

For localised skin relief we recommend using a CBD cream or balm twice a day on the affected area.

To use CBD Oil Drops orally for psoriasis we recommend taking 10mg CBD twice per day morning and evening.

Can I rub CBD Oil on my skin for pain?

CBD can be used very effectively topically for pain and skin conditions. By applying CBD products locally to painful areas,  CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation and can help relive stiff, achy joints.